Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back to 1000 Thanks

I realized recently that it's been a while since I blogged more of my 1000 Thanks, and so, it's about time to catch up a bit! The last post in this section was in May of 2012 and included some Interactive Song Therapy, as well. I hope to get a more of those songs up in the next few months, as well!

Over the last year, as some of you know, there have been a TON of changes in my life, and I am very thankful for much of what has occurred. Though some of it has been difficult, there have been {181} lessons learned that I never otherwise would have.

So, this past year, some of the many thing I've been thankful for include:

Housing {183} where it was unexpected, and with people who have been a delight {184-189} much of the time.

Time to get to know my Mom better {190}, in a more spiritual and vocational sense {191, 192}, as well as helping her get to know me on these same levels {193, 194}. This has been enlightening for us both, I believe! we've had some deep conversations deep into the night {195-198} these past months that have brought much clarity {199} and more mutual respect {200}. This has been such a godsend to me, and I am quite thankful!!

I've learned more about true friendship {201}, life in the Spirit {202}, trust {203}, faith {204}, grace {205}, the ways of the enemy of our souls {206), how best I learn and process things {207, 208}, about who I am in Christ {209}, about intercession, prophecy, dream interpretation, and varying other gifts of the Spirit {210-217}, about creativity and my own special brand of it {218, 219}, and distress tolerance {220}. I've learned about my own sense of self and sense of humor, and how God helps people change over time in these areas {221-223}. I've learned about a variety of countries {224-229}and gained a better sense of my own destiny {230}, as well as how to help others walk into their destinies with the leading of the Holy Spirit {231, 232}. I've learned about people groups I never thought I'd encounter on a daily basis {233-236} and how to best interact with most of those people groups. I've learned about more coaching techniques that I can utilize to help clients come into their own and become closer to God at the same time {237-245}.

I've learned about such cool things as 48HOP {246}, which is a 48 hour artistic intercessory endeavor where people can go to varying stations and worship God with journaling, painting, music, prophetic intercession, and more, as well as traditional means of intercession. I hope to put one together in these coming months, and am excited for the possibility!

I've learned more about digging for gold {247} within people, and seeing the treasure God placed there, rather than either dirt or treasure that is counterfeit. I've learned to discern the true from the counterfeit within people much more effectively {248}, for which I am extremely thankful and grateful!

I've had a discussion with someone I never thought I'd be sitting with; one that brought so much revelation to my life, eyes, and heart, it is impossible not to have a shifting of atmospheres over my life. {249, 250}

I've gotten to know people with gifts much different than my own, while similar, and to converse with them about how their gifts affect them, as well as found dozens of books that have been useful for helping me to grow and change and become more of who God has called me to be {251-253, 254-282}. I am so grateful and thankful for each of these encounter, more than I can express in words!

I've had a shift in the guard, as it were, over some areas of my life; so I'm thankful for those I have worked with in the past in areas of my life that are in process {283-285} while also being thankful for those who are newer {286-287}, as well as for the new ways I am learning and growing as a result {288-292}.

Many loved ones whose health has been iffy or challenged have improved {288-302}, at least five of which wrought miraculous results {303-307} and of whom three I have been utterly privileged to witness on some level {308-310}. Two of these loved ones whom I have had very much on my heart, I have been able to spend some unexpected, special times with {311, 312} and all of them have been absolute testaments to the goodness of God and His faithfulness {313-326}! One in particular has just blown me away with his attitude, his humility before Christ, his willingness to place ALL in God's hands and trust Him completely, beyond imagining {327-330} and I am so very thankful for his presence, and that of his wife, who has been so strong through all of their trials, in my life {331, 332}!!!

I have seen answered prayers in my own life in ways I never would have imagined, as well {333-345} and been so blessed to gain insights that could only be revealed through the Presence and leading of the Holy Spirit that have been just awesome, inspiring a deeper walk with Christ and  deeper hunger for His will in my life, and the lives of those around me. {346-355}.

I am thankful for those who God has laced in my life who really seem to "get" me... N and LM, in particular {356, 357}. I am thankful for their insights into my life, and the insights of other godly people who love and care about me, who have been there for me through thick and thin, and their willingness to walk with me through the shadows toward the Light, which is ever-present and reveals the truth behind the shadow {358-375}.

I've joined a writing group where I've been so very blessed to not only get to know some amazing people, but also find tips and support as necessary along the way as I work toward the goals set before me. {376, 377}

I've recovered and healed from some things that were longstanding wounds of the soul variety, and of the spirit, for which I am more thankful than I could ever, ever express!!! This has been such a growth year that I am still attempting to comprehend all that has occurred! {378-390}

I've let go of things that have been weighing me down tolerations that I just put up with that were really actually easy to fix and change in the long run, but that I had procrastinated over.  {391-396}

I've gotten in some great photography {397} and discovered a few new places to shoot wildlife photos that are satisfactory and fun {398-402}. I've watched sunsets that have left me breathless {403}, experienced cloud formations God used to speak to me in ways I only thought happened to others {404} and met people that have altered my reality for the better {405-430}!!! And the things I mention here are but a FEW of the MANY things for which I am so very thankful!!!

I wish I could recall everything, but alas, this will have to suffice for the time being. :) One last thing, though... is that I'm thankful I remembered to come and do another 1000 Thanks post today! {431}