Friday, June 28, 2013

People, God and Boxes: Skittles and the Milky Way

People aren't box-shaped, and neither is God!

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Have you ever heard the old saying, "you can't put a square peg in a round hole?"

What about "thinking outside of the box?" Too many people tend to hide inside the box like a cat than think outside of it, I think. Though there are many who break down the barriers of being boxed in by allowing, even praying for, paradigm shifts.

Well, here is the thing with all of this...

People aren't box-shaped, and neither is God. Especially not God!!

Some say that we put God in a box of our own making; this would mean that we create our own VERSION of God instead of allowing ALL of God into our world. But WE are the ones inside boxes in need of breaking out of them, for we are NOT meant to be boxed in, either.

The proverbial cat in a box...
 God didn't create us to be box-shaped. He didn't create our minds to become stunted, to remain staid, to disallow neuroplastic changes and paradigm shifts and time with the Holy Spirit to alter and shift us into who we were created to be, from the beginning.

When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit in the garden that God supplied for them and followed His singular command to remain distant from the tree in the garden's center,  we re told that they walked with Him in the cool of the day. They feared NOTHING. They assumed NOTHING. They worried over, stressed over NOTHING.

And then, they spoke to a snake.

And ate of the central tree, that of the knowledge of good and evil.

And here we are!

God originally designed us to live stress, fear, and worry free. ALL negative emotion stems back to FEAR, and FEAR is what Adam and Eve inherited by disobedience in the Garden of Eden when they allowed the lusts of the eyes and flesh, and the pride of life to take hold of them, when they CHOSE to listen to and BELIEVE the wrong voice.

They didn't know the snake, though they were familiar with snakes in general. And it didn't seem off to them that it spoke, or that it spoke to THEM.

 Did the serpent speak with oral words? We don't know. But whatever the case, they were influenced - they allowed themselves to be influenced - by someone other than the Creator, Whom they had known... forever.

How often do we do that?

How often will we listen to the voices of the people around us, and the media; to politicians and spin artists we run into around the world, online, in person, whatever? How often do we CHOOSE to listen to their voices when we KNOW that they aren't all speaking GOD's language? God's WORDS.

And so, we allow the words of fellow fallen people to BOX us up like a package, and we call it part of our BRAND. Instead of allowing what GOD says to and about us to reign supreme, how man of us allow everything else to PRECEDE His input?

What else do we do?

We try to put GOD is a box, thinking that we aren't IN one! Isn't that ironic?

We, the enclosed who have chosen our own enclosure, have been given FREEDOM in Christ, should we choose to accept it, and yet we still try to say GOD is the one in the box. We try to label Him, as we label ourselves and others.

LABELS DON'T WORK on people, or on God! they're good for preserving food, but NOT good for trying to hold a living entity like God, or those created in His image, in a set holding pattern for life and existence.

Instead, we should see the TREASURE God placed within us and others. Dig for the gold, look for the JEWELS, seek the hidden BLESSINGS and WONDER within humanity, person by person.

IF we have to be boxes, can't we be God's TREASURE BOXES instead of junk drawers for everyone else's stuff, and the things we think that toxify who we are because they aren't in AGREEMENT with what God says about us?

As for God... there's NO WAY He will ever fit into any mold, any box, any mindset... There's no way any label can contain Him. He is beyond fathom. He is to a Skittle the Milky Way solar system, and beyond...

Skittles are great, but...
I'd have to go with the Milky Way

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