Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There are people, places, scents, and things that remind us of life-changing people and events in our lives. Some we deem good; others we deem not so great. But whatever we class them as... they nonetheless reminders of where we come from. They show where we've grown from, learned from, what we've lived through and who we've loved. They show our lives to this point... they are the MARKERS of where we come from and where we live... but they don't define us. They help us define our lives without being the definition of who we are.

What evokes memories for you?

For me, here are a few which are RECENTLY FORMED:

When I think of the time I was on Amtrak, looking at positive memories, I think of TONY's Pizza and TWIX. I think of the mountains of Montana, of Naperville, ILL, of the movie O Brother Where Art Thou (which, no, I didn't watch on the train. lol). I think of people I may never see or hear from again: Vicky, Satya, Michael, Clay, and the pastor's wife whose name I wish I could recall. I think of Phyllis and Kirk, the porters there and back.

I think of the difficult goodbye; the odd hello; the hospitality of friends and loved ones.

When I think of my best friend, Shawn, I think of SPINACH, of BLUEBERRY GREEK YOGURT, of big ol' trucks with missing batteries, of Alex and Mushu, who are quite possibly two of the most adorable cats on the planet. I think of little cafes and great cups of tea, and of the color chocolate. I think of General Tso with eggrolls. I think of whipped cream and PECAN PIE, of hot water, of keys. I think of how much he has meant to me over the years and what a great friend he has always been. I think of the love we share as friends.

When I think of other close friends, like Laura and Tony, I think of APPLES to APPLES, trail mix, tree forts, and Mama Mia! I think of WinCo and Papa Murphy's pizza. I think of bouncing cats (yes, indeed) and Diamond, their dog, with a huge smile on her face as a result of said bouncing cats. I think of dolphins and purple yoga mats and cinch ties, and of PIRATES. I think of how much they care about me and I about them. How I would do anything for them if I could, as I would do anything for Shawn.

When I think of Lisa, I think most recently of MERMAIDS, of TEL AVIV, of Junior Seau and Shilo and SixxAM. I think of her being "out-Jaeggered" by a not-so-mysterious mystery man (gotta be one of two: Steven or William, right? ;) ) and I think of Pastor Jay. I think of blogging, of resumes, and chickens. ;) I think of GREAT FAITH. I think about how, like the other three  friends mentioned, I'd do anything for her if I could.

And when I think of this week, I will think of EconoLodge, of long walks, of loving friends (Dawn, Stephenie, Deborah,  Lisa Marie; Edith Michele, Debra; Tony and Laura; Kevin and Cheryl) and family (especially my Aunt Sandy, who I love with my whole heart). I will think of RED ROBIN and PINK HAIR and BLUE FUR headbands and cat scratches. I will think of Craigslist and texting a lot; of my friend Jason worrying about me like crazy and my best friend being at the beach and with his mom, hopefully having a wonderful week. I will think of GEORGIA, where I've never been other than in my dreams. I will think of MANGOSTEEN and of the last time I ran saw someone I loved very much. I will think about Tiger, because I found out his Mom died recently. I will think about the lives of the lost which could have been so much better... so much different, but weren't.

I will think of Matthew 6 and the Lament Psalms. I will think of Ezekiel and of Hezekiah. I will think of the office of the prophet and the gifts of the Spirit. I will think about how badly I wanted to be at Growth Group but couldn't be there. I will think about a lot...

Memories. They shape us but do not define us. They help us if we let them, but can hinder us, too. What would happen if we all learned to ACCEPT the past as it is, MOVE FORWARD from where we've been, POSITIVELY expect a better future, always?