Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crazy Times

Life has been crazy lately.

I have moved, for example, on faith, not knowing where I will live. That was the night of the 1st. So far, so good, thanking those who have helped and most of all, God, Who put me on their hearts. I will update profile when I can.

My computer is pretty much in repair-to-be mode... the hard drive is shot, so time will tell when it can be fixed. In the mean time, I get occasional use of internet. Sometimes a couple ours in a day, sometimes a couple minutes, occasionally none for the day.

I've become enamored with SUNRISE whereas before moving, I was much more a SUNSET person. Now I totally appreciate bot even though I've been so busy I can't really enjoy/ watch the sunset as I like to. I've been traveling by car or bus, however, during a few sunrises lately, that have been just amazing. GOD is such a wonderful Creator!!

Anyway, for now this is what I have time for... so until nest time... God be with you, bless and keep you, and God be praised!