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Shofar שופר

Hear the sound of trumpets blowing! Hear the sound of shofarot from afar!

It is the call of mystery; the call of mystic experience; the call of God to our hearts and minds that links us to the realm of the supernatural. It is the sound of atonement, and harvest, and jubilee. Some might say it is the very sound of the Spirit of God moving from person to person through the horn of a ram.

There are around 70 mentioned of shofar, often translated trumpet, in the Bible of today. The shofar is mentioned in the Mishna and Talmud, as well as other Hebraic literature, and that is a good guide to help understand what the symbolism of the shofar and it's different sounds are for.

But today, I want to talk not about the history of the shofar as much as its present and future. For I hear the shofar blowing... I hear the Great Tokea (Blaster of the Shofar) from Heaven blasting down the call for worship! Rosh HaShanah... Yom Teruah... is almost here in terms of the year, but I heard the Horn of Heaven blasting...
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In a dream not too long ago, I was carried away to the stairway to Heaven at the foot of a piano that was playing some of the most beautiful music I had ever heard. It was other-worldly, to say the least. And as I was listening, stairs appeared from the right side of the piano, faint yet very real. On the bottom step were the words EIGHTH NOTE. Each concurrent step had a phrase on it, the next being PRAISE, the next, WORSHIP, the next ANGELIC REALM, and so forth, until I had climbed to about the TWELFTH step. From there, the steps were like crystal etched with jewels and rimmed with gold, but I had slippers on that made it so that I didn't fall on the surface of the stairs. Every single stair had a feather etched into it on the bottom left corner, like an emblem... those with words and those that were silent beauty.

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 As I got to about the twentieth stair, the stairway began to shake as a blast from Heaven sounded into the night sky. Some of the stars had assembled to make the railing, and so it shone with the Light of the World onto the stairway as the shofar blew, and blew, and blew. I then heard a Voice from afar saying to keep walking, to make the journey, for the journey was what would change my life.

Walking further, the shofar then began a nine series, and a three series, and more single blasts. i will be the first to admit I don't know enough about the symbology of the series of blasts to know the full intent of this dream in the way someone who grew up Hebrew would... but it has stuck with me.  It was a Tekiah Gedolah (great long blast) , followed by a Teruah (alarm blast series), a Shevarim (series of three), and ending with a regular Tekiah (long blast). As this was happening, feathers of many shades of purple and green, as well as the purest white, in varying sizes began to fall around me, making a blanket around my shoulders - more like a stole, but of feathers, and draping to the ground - and I heard the words, "My angels will surround you. They are there to cover you in their feathers."

Woman with faux fur stole.
As the feathers surrounded me, I began to hear what I can only call a "holy humming" coming from the stole itself... from the very feathers, the angels, surrounding me, and then I heard one more Tekiah. I paused for a moment to catch my breath because of the immensity, the intensity of the moment, though dreaming, and then continued slowly yet surely up the stairs. As I continued to walk, I noticed the sound of water coming from beneath the stairs. I kept climbing and noticed that water ran underneath them, like a waterfall, and I wondered where it originated from. And there was a rainbow in the water that shone in the light of the star-rail, and the colors within the rainbow were hyperpigmented to a degree like I had never seen before. It was almost as if the rainbow and water were one and the same. It rivuleted and cascaded off the underside of the stairs and I recall that at some point, I could even feel the mist coming off of the fall in the breeze of the heavens as I continued toward Heaven.
As I was nearing the top, dizzy from the height, the sound, the brightness of color and sensate touch of feathers against my shoulders and trailing to graze my feet, I saw the top of a throne that must have been THE throne, and the waters ran from underneath it in a rainbow of colors, and angels guarded it to the extent that all I could see were His eyes, and though the eyes of a Lion, they were sweet as a Dove's and as innocent as a Lamb's, as loving as a Father's to His child.

Again, I heard the shofar, and it was a great blast, so near me that I thought my eardrums would burst. As it silenced, there was a hush over Heaven, and even the sound of the waters under the throne were silenced though the waters, I saw, still ran. All I could hear was my own heartbeat and I realized it was the first time my heart was beating in a way that felt totally natural.. and as I stood there, looking into the eyes of the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God, the Father of Lights, the Spirit of God, I realized my heartbeat was in tune with Heaven. The journey I took was Heaven's treasure, and its heartbeat for my life.

 "Come, kneel," I heard, and obeyed, trembling. An angel came forward and placed a miniature globe in my hand, and it shrunk to the size of a sweet pea. At first, I could see all the different continents, and then, it was all one.

"Take and eat," the angel said. The eyes behind the wings smiled, and I sensed a nod of encouragement. I obeyed.

"Do you know what you have eaten, and what you have seen here today?"

"I do not, Lord. Please tell me."

'I have placed the world in your mouth as a symbol of life, for I want LIFE to come to the world. The world became one before you because I indent to bring unity and harmony to the world. And you, daughter, are Harmony. I send you into the world on a journey that is meant to unify people for My sake and in My Name."

The angel presented me once more with a gift, and it was a purple scroll, pale in color. He unrolled it, and all I could tell was that it was in Hebrew. I could not read the words, not being a scholar in the arena of the language, though I wish to learn. He told me to carry it, and I asked him where, or how, was I to carry it.

From behind the angels' wings, the Voice of the Lord answered for him, and I heard, "carry it within your heart."

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The angel took it back from my hand and beckoned me forward, telling me to lay down, so I did. I closed my eyes, because I sensed what might be coming next, but could still feel it all the same. What I felt was a burrowing in, a placing of the scroll within me, and my flesh closing back over it. I sensed it travel and find a hiding place within my heart.

It was at that moment I awakened.

Some might be thinking, OK, so you had a cool Technicolor dream of God and music and water and Hebrew language... but it was more than that...

That dream is part of what inspired me to apply for crowdfunding for my project, Journey to a Thousand Voices. That dream... that dream has had the shofar sounding in my spirit ever since. It is a sound I cannot let go of... a sound that hasn't let go of me. That dream has brought me loser to my destiny, heightened my love of Israel and my goals of bringing LIFE and HARMONY to the world for God. That dream restored my soul with its waters, and reminded me of how much God loves me, and loves each and every one. It showed me things I could never begin to explain if i ever tried... I cannot share all I saw and heard because I have no words for some of it, and because some of it has been concealed for days ahead.

Heaven's shofarot are blowing! And they are calling people to worship, to assembly, and to spiritual warfare. They are sounding through the universe from the dimensions of Heaven... from the universe of God's Voice comes a call, and the angels are sounding the shofarot of Heaven loud and clear. The time to arise is upon us. The time to awaken to our destinies is now. And as long as the time is now, it is time to worship the One Who created the heavens and the earth, calling the stars by name and Whose angels protect and surround us, and Whose Spirit is within us to bring us the power, Presence, and reality of Heaven. It is time for earth to begin to resemble Heaven, as we have been called to pray Heaven into the earth, and to walk in Heaven's footsteps here, to listen to Heaven's heartbeat and allow ours to tune in with it so that we can walk fully into the predestined reality of who we have been called to be in Christ Jesus, the Lord.

I hear the shofar calling; I hear Heaven's Great Tokea sounding the shofar. The time is now. It's time to go to the future and bring it back into today, so that tomorrow is as He called it to be...

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