Thursday, September 20, 2012

Of Orchids and Orchestras

Music and flowers have always had a place in the hearts of the people...

What kind of flowers, and what kind of music, of course, depends on the person's taste, and yet they are common. The differences among them make them unique.

One person might enjoy orchids and orchestras. Someone else, lisianthus and Smashing Pumpkins. Another, roses and Radiohead. Everyone's different, and some of us are really eclectic in our tastes...

Lisianthus in purple. All photos from

All three of these flowers, I appreciate... and I appreciate a wide variety of bands, orchestras, and other musical artists... that is part of what makes me unique.

We read in the Bible that our treasure is where our heart is... what we meditate on, what we cherish... these will show others what we treasure. This is as true in music and flowers as in people and belief systems. It is also as true of God as it is of us... There is a parable that talks about a man who finds a treasure hidden within a field. In order to procure it, he hides the treasure back in the field where it was found, sells all that is precious to him, and buys the field so he may obtain the prize he so desired.

This treasure can be seen in two different ways:

The kingdom of God is a treasure to those who find it... to those who find Jesus Christ, the treasure of heaven, and sell out for God.

It is also God selling out for US. He sent His Son, Jesus, to earth as a human being, divesting Himself of all His rights and privileges and died on a cross... for US. He humbled Himself as He asks us to humble ourselves... and He went above and beyond all He has asked of us in this regard.

Heaven to one might be orchids and orchestras... to another, it might be lady's slipper and Sixx AM or Guns and Roses... the point isn't what our preferences are here on earth as humans, but our beliefs and faith in the kingdom mindset and lifestyle. Where our treasure is, so is our heart. What we cherish, what we believe, what we have faith in... ultimately shows where our lives will end up. We all have a destiny and God has allowed us to co-create it with Him.

What are you co-creating?

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