Friday, August 30, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oregon Christian Writer's Conference 2013: A Life Changing Experience

So, earlier this week, I was blessed to be able to attend the Oregon Christian Writer's Conference, 2013, over on Hayden Island. It was the 50th year for the conference, and the 1st year they had the Cascade Awards, and it was a pleasure and honor to be there.

Have you ever lived within a moment when you knew without a shadow of doubt God had you there for such a time as then?

This week, that's what I experienced from Monday early afternoon through Thursday afternoon, taking coaching courses, attending workshops, and listening to keynote speaker Liz Curtis Higgs and then, on Thursday, Georgene Rice.

I can't recall when I've sensed such a wonderful fit with a group of people. There were both Oregon Christian Writers and American Christian Fiction Writers people in attendance; editors, agents, publishers, and fellow writers. It was a wonderful time, and I took in all that I was able.

 As people got to know one another and learn more about their calling, the Holy Spirit's presence was palpable and His leading was distinctively with me. I made a number of new acquaintances whom I hope will become good friends over time, and got some good critique for Edward's Heart, the first novel in a time travel romance series I have been working on.

While Edward's Heart is a finished manuscript, I'm currently in process as I continue to edit and hone it toward its end goal. Rose for Rose, the second book in this series, is already underway, as well. It is my hope that this series will be five, possibly six books. Aside from this, I am working on a text tentatively entitled Antics in 'Edhen, looking at life before The Fall. This is a fantasy book.

The feedback I received from both a mentor and an editor/ publisher was quite helpful, and I have implemented some of the suggestions they've given. I look forward to the day I submit the manuscript, for I am confident they will see great change, for the better.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Food For Thought

What is the evidence of our fear? Obedience.
What is the benefit of our obedience? Wisdom. - Angie Smith

We own in the present what is not yet. - Bill Johnson
Who we truly are and were meant to be is evidenced more by our yearnings than by our history. - Gary A. Haugen
People who walk in revival culture walk in signs and wonders and the prophetic. They do all the stuff that Jesus did when He walked this planet. - Beni Johnson
The thing about vision is that sometimes we get a bigger picture than we can handle all at one time. Sometimes, God gives us a glimpse of the possibilities, but it isn't all for right now. But because of that, we make the mistake of thinking that none of it is for right now. We act as if the mere possession of a dream is the end of our responsibility. - Glenn Packiam
Our joy and thanksgiving cannot be shaken if they are rooted in the character of God and our rich fellowship with him. - Leroy Eims
We usually thing of the will of God as something static - fixed and unchangeable.... The element missing in our understanding of this subject is our role in the unfolding of His will. - Bill Johnson
When you think, you change your brain. When you think according to your own unique sequence, walking in your gift, you change the brain in an ever-positive direction. - Caroline Leaf

You have the power over your life, to do well or do evil to yourself and to your family. - Kim Clement

It's not by sheer will that we will become brave. It takes reformation of the heart. God doesn't call us to try to be brave but to train to be brave. - Gary A. Haugen

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food For Thought

Faith begins where the will of God is known. - Kenneth Hagin Sr.

Faith is not something you have to get. It’s something that you, as a born-again child of God, already have. Act on it by releasing it to God. That’s when your healing starts! - Oral Roberts

The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic that to love others. - Vincent Van Gogh

We ought to live every day as though we’ve come out of another world into this world — but with the power of that world still upon us. We should live and speak and move in that power, and have our whole being in Jesus Christ! - John Wesley

Tradition is the thief of power. There is no area of our lives where that theft is more evident than in the area of divine healing. - Rod Parsley

The power of God will take you out of your own plans and put you into the plan of God. - Smith Wigglesworth

The assurance of every truth of Scripture is just the beauty of it. First, because He has promised to do it; and God’s promises are bonds that never yet were dishonored. Secondly, because Christ Jesus hath taken an oath that He will do it. - Charles Spurgeon

At Calvary, there was a great healing transfer where the responsibility for healing was switched from God giving it, to you receiving it. - Rod Parsley

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength. - Corrie ten Boom

The language of faith is crucial because it affords human beings the privilege of intimacy with the ultimate. - Michael Eric Dyson