Saturday, July 6, 2013

Another Fave Fifteens: Photos of Portland, OR, City Lights

Found HERE at Aggie in the Alps

 I decided to look at photos of the city lights of Portland from around the web and choose 15 that best represent the beauty that can be seen here... and so, as usual with the Fave Fifteens, they are in no particular order.

Please forgive how spacey this is! I've tried to fix it a few times, and it just hasn't worked. lol
Portland Is Pretty
From HRA Journal HERE
Found HERE at Cindyrilla
Found on Yahoo Image Search
From Lothes Blog
Found on Yahoo Image Search
Roger Pace Photography

Found HERE at HDE Home Care
Found HERE at Human and Natural
Found HERE at Duke Jets
Found HERE at TripAdvisor of the UK
Scott C. Miller Photography
Found HERE at City Data
Found in this Physics blog article