Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome to the World, Prince George

As nearly everyone who has television, internet, or ready access to newspapers or magazines knows by now, the family royal of the British monarchy welcomed a new member into their folds this week when Kate Middleton and Prince William's adorable little 8lb, 6oz son, whose name had now been released, was born at 4:24 UK time on the 22nd. And the moniker for the little tyke? His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis; His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

The royal baby. Photo from RIA Novosti.

Memorabilia. Photo from baynews9.
 Quite a mouthful, in some ways, isn't it? But it's fitting, too. All bets others have made who have won or lost money aside (a sad state of affairs right there), it was not too surprising, although I had known in my heart Louis would likely be part of his nomen. (It's a Latinate name for Ludwig.) Just not for the reason the Shine! staffer whose article I read - or her source from Nameberry -mentioned. A lovely tribute, though, to a man gone before his time.

An admission I'd like to make, though, is that while I had a sense in the wee hours of last evening that Louis was to be part of this young babe, this young royal's name, part of me secretly hoped either Philip - after his grandfather -  or Edward - a name King James II was highly fond of, and the name of a great uncle - would also be chosen. This was obviously not so, but still... George Alexander Louis is a good chosen name, fit for a king but also wonderful in itself.

In fact, turn it around a little, and it was the name of a fairly famous British author of ESL texts, of all things -  Louis George Alexander.

That George is also the name of the Patron Saint of England is likely no coincidence, in that the royals are finally back on the upswing in popularity in their territories.You can learn a bit about what his life possibly was like, here. (I say possibly due to the fact that little is known of him)

Icon. St. George. St. George Antiocian Orthodox Church.
Your Royal Highness, Prince George... welcome to the world. You've got a big name, and even bigger shoes to potentially fill... but for now, just be the cute little baby people adore and don't worry about your destiny or the dreams others may put on you until you have to!