Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

So, a little while ago, the verdict for the George Zimmerman trial came in. While I have to say it didn't shock me much that the verdict was not guilty, it most certainly saddens me to no end. Trayvon Martin was a teenager with a lot of life ahead of him when he was about to head into adulthood. He had his issues... we all do. But having issues is no reason to be killed, and neither is being black (or any other nationality or a believer of any particular thought).

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What gets me is that the jury wanted as clear a definition of manslaughter as possible prior to giving their verdict. I must admit, I'd want the definition, too, and it would have been a heartbreaking call to make. and now, the people are upset with the jury... and the judge... and the Zimmermans... and the lawyers, and etc. when what we really need to be doing is REFOCUSING our energies into prayer for everyone involved, and everyone affected.

I have friends with young black boys they are now afraid for. and I have friends who have lost family members in violent situations, in part because of the color of their skin. and it HAS TO STOP!

The fear of the people must stop. The bitterness,the hatred, the judging HAS to stop. To give in to fear, to give in to hatred, bitterness, is to give power to the enemy of our souls and of this nation. to give the situation to God, on the other hand, is a MUST.

Many people question God's goodness and justice when bad things happen to good people... or even to people of questionable character. They wonder, if God was really on the throne, why didn't He stop this from happening? They actually accuse Him, in this roundabout way, of being the CAUSE of evil, when in reality, He is a JUST Judge. He gave people free will, and for Him to take it away would to invalidate human life as we know it.

When 9/11 happened, many were in shock and many blamed God, while others were drawn TO Him. When Michael Jackson was murdered; when Caylee Anthony was killed; when abortions take the lives of millions of babies each year; when people die of heartbreaking causes day in and day out, it is hard, sometimes, to remember that God is a Just Judge and He knows what He is doing.

Our thoughts are attached to our emotions, and that is how God made us. If we were insensitive to all the sadness going on around us, we would have serious issues. And yet, there are still some who do have this issue within their personalities; those with psychopathic tendencies, and etc.God is still in control, even then. He knows what has happened; His eyes watch over each one of us, and he weeps with us when things are not just in the world.

I know a lot of you will not like to read this next part of what I have to say. I know it may really ruffle some feathers...

First of all, how many of us were there when the Zimmerman and Martin families collided together in history? I know I wasn't. And because I wasn't, and because I am NOT the all-knowing, all-seeing God in Heaven, I know that I can be saddened by what the verdics has shown, but I cannot allow myself to judge. It is not my place.

I admit I was very angry for the first few minutes, and that I am still ill thinking about all that has occurred. But that is part of what makes me normal, it makes me human. But I cannot allow these feelings to consume me. to allow feelings to consume us is to become victim, to become prisoner of them. And I, for one, don't wish to live within or behind bards of hatred, bitterness, fear, or anything else that will keep me from fulfilling the destiny God has called me into upon my life.

What about you?

We can be sad. We can be angry. We can scream and rant and rave, but what good, in the end, will that do? Where is the resulting effect?

What happened to Trayvon Martin, like any killing, is an absolute travesty. It's a tragedy. And while some are out there making jokes about George Zimmerman high-fiving O.J. Simpson, I for one am going to be praying. I refuse to allow fear, hatred, bitterness, anger to rule over me. I refuse to allow myself to get so caught up in the drama and hype and shock of the situation that I make myself sick thinking about it.

We become more and more like what or who we meditate on. and I, for one, do not wish to continue to give more time than necessary to that which is stifling and just plain evil.

In order for this country to heal, we must forgive. And I know, believe me, I know, it is a difficult task to let go and allow God to rule, as He is the best at it. I know it is hard not to rail at god when things don't go the way we want to. But if we are to HELP our country... if we are to allow ourselves and those involved to truly HEAL, we must allow our grief to take us to the cross, and into the arms of the one Who saw all of it from the beginning and wept in the garden for all of our sins. George Zimmermans, included.