Sunday, July 7, 2013

Macha, Old Friends, Mason Bees, Quail, and a Dead Shoe

So, today, instead of church  (usually, but not always, Portland Open Bible), I went with a couple other people to water at a family member's place, since they were at the beach for the weekend and had asked us to do so. I'm just glad I remembered, since I was tired enough I may not have...

Afterward, we decided to go and check out Luscher Farms, a test garden and farmhouse area in Lake Oswego, before heading to our usual Sunday afternoon spot, The Table, in West Linn. Luscher Farm works in conjunction with 47th Avenue Farm, whose goal is to create  "Community Supported Agriculture in Portland and Lake Oswego."

While I didn't get to walk the whole grounds at Lusher Farms, I did, indeed, check out a little of the garden and then... I discovered the birdhouse area, complete with Mason bee hives on the side of the building.

Found HERE, at The Honey Beat
If you'd like, you can learn about Mason bees at The Honey Beat.

Now, the birdhouse is more than a house in this case... there is a main building, and some cotes and shelters. Coop wire is keeping it all contained, and there are some beautiful chickens, quail, and pigeons. The rooster was having a good ol' time cock-a-doodling while I was there!

California Quail. Photo from

While at Luscher Farms, an odd thing happened... the thong in one of my leather sandals broke... my plan is to repair it tomorrow, if possible. ((They're my favorite pair.)

Representational. NOT the shoes that broke. :)
So, anyway, afterward, we headed to The Table and a couple of dear old friends (not old in the age sense) were there, and so, we got to catch up a bit. I was really glad to see them! It hadn't been nearly as long as the friend I got to catch up with on the 4th of July, but still... it was great. :)

So, I scored pretty well today, though every time I'm at The Table, it's different. I got to try some Vancouver BC-created Thomas Haas fruit and nut chocolates, for example... something that I wouldn't have just picked up in the store to try. Now, I likely will! Sooo good. I've gotten to try the Dark Chocolate Bark and Macha Tea Bark. I'm telling you, the Macha is superb!!

From Thomas Haas Confections Line!
All in all, it's been a great day! So now, I'm just waiting for Kickstarter to approve my project, Journey to a Thousand Voices, so that I can begin to tell some of YOUR stories! Stay tuned for that!!!

UPDATE, July 9th--

So, my Kickstarter was the 1 in every 4 declined, so I'm starting over again. Stay tuned. Thanks!!

UPDATE 7/16/13-- COME OVER and check out my FUNDRAISER! Journey to a Thousand Voices...