Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy, Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!!

For someone who enjoys quiet celebrations, it's been quite the day here!

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First of all, I'd like to once more than all the veterans and current military persons who have sacrificed on behalf of the United States of America... not only those still around, but since the country was birthed in 1776.

Tonight as I type this, listening to the fireworks in the neighborhood and surrounding areas, I've been thinking back not only on the day - which has been great - but other 4th of Julys, too.

Not all of them have been memorable for me but those that have been, boy, have they been! lol

For several years, the youth group from the church I was attending at the time would come over and set the fireworks off at my parents' place together, as a group. A few times, I went out to Happy Valley, and last year, I helped out with the celebration put on my my current church family, having a blast.

I think back to the time I lost part of my hearing, too. That was another Independence Day... and a Roman candle went off in the mailbox nest to my ear. lol

Another year, I watched the downtown Portland display from a hillside, blanket in the grass, with a friend.

A lot of years, all I've done is watch fireworks on television, considering the whole Roman candle thing... they're beautiful, but I don't need to get too close. lol

This year was a little different... and it actually began on the 3rd because I was in the middle of a project last evening that went until close to 4 this morning. Appropriate, eh, until about 4 on the 4th? lol

You see, for many weeks now - since April, in fact, I've been really gearing up to post a project on Kickstarter. It's actually a project involving this VERY blog, The Color of Faith! Once it's up, I'll post the link, and I'd really, really appreciate it if you'd come check it out. Actually, I'll give you the title now so you have it, even before I have a link: Journey to a Thousand Voices.

For many months... since about last October, I'd been pondering and mulling over this idea, praying about it extensively and finally, after about 500 hours of pondering, writing, narrowing things down, mathematics (never my favorite thing), and so on, I decided to get the project started, so I began to get things set up with amazon and Kickstarter (who only uses Amazon Payments).

Well, last night, the final part of the process was completed because YESTERDAY, I finally got a video that will work (it's not perfect) to add to it so that I can submit it and wait to get it approved, so that in turn, I can publish it online to all the wonderful people out there in the blogosphere and internet universe such as yourself!!!

After a quick nap and some everyday stuff I went to a lovely BBQ with some loved ones and met some wonderful people, as well. One lady who was present, I hadn't seen, we figured, in about 12 years, and it was FANTASTIC to see her again! Another couple, I hadn't seen in nearly two years, and another lady, who I used to work for, I hadn't seen in probably 5 or 6 years.

After all of that, I've been kind of taking it easy, listening to the fireworks outside, which are many and multi-toned. A few of them can be seen if I look closely enough, and I may still go outside to watch for a little while.