Friday, June 7, 2013


Father, in the name of and for the glory of Your Son, Jesus the Christ, the Anointed One,

I ask You firstly to accept my praise. My heart knows full well how holy, awesome, numinous, wonderful, and great You are, and that You have blessed me beyond comprehension. Thank You!

And Lord, I ask that You help me to always seek Your face. Cause a deep, abiding hunger for You, and for Your promises to be fulfilled in my life. Bring glory to Your name every day of my life, through my life. Raise me, O Lord, to higher and higher levels of anointing even as You draw me closer, deeper and deeper into Your Kingdom plan, Your presence, and Your very heart.

O Father, help me be totally reliable in Your sight, shifting within me all that is necessary for Your call on my life to come to full fruition, for Your glory, in Jesus' name. May Your Spirit SWEEP me clean every single day, and bring me further and further into Your presence, into Your very throne room, that I may humbly yet boldly praise Your name and bring petitions before You with fervent and effective ministering, by Your grace, for I wish to worship and adore You there, at Your feet, daily, unhindered and indestractable, O God! O, that I would daily HEAR Your voice with clarity, and see Your face, and understand Your heart, and sense Your very HEARTBEAT, O God!!

O Father, glorify Yourself in me, NO MATTER what it takes!! May my very life testify daily to Your goodness, faithfulness, favor, and power, and to Your daily dose of LOVE, O God!! May my life testify consistently to Your intervention in the lives of Your people, and to Your ability and will to hear from Heaven in order to INVADE the earth with Your TOUCH and WORD daily, O God!!!! May I live the INTENDED, normal Christ-centered SUPERNATURAL life in accord with Your Word and command and promise, for Your awesome, life-changing, super-charged glory by the wonderful DUNAMIS power of Your Holy Spirit, for the glory of God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, before Whom each and every knee shall bow!

May the knees of ALL THINGS in my own life, O God, bow before You. May all that which is NOT of You begin to do as YOU bid them... body, spirit, soul, finances, relationships, and all other things, for each has a knee which is called to bow. I release ALL to You here and now, for Your awesome glory, even as I invite those around me to do the same, for Your glory. May we RISE to the challenge of COURAGE You have called us to, and may the knees of fears, doubts, worries, and negative thinking as well as the lies we have believed all bow before You THIS DAY. I take a stand for You fully... FULLY this day... and give You all the praise and glory, for this I do only by YOUR power!

Thank and praise You, Jesus!!!

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