Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Prayer for Israel

O Father,

That You would come and bless Your people, Israel... the spiritual Israel as well as that which is natural. To all who call You Father, I pray that You would truly bless Israel, for Israel is FOREVER! For  all days, in all ways, for Your glory, O Lord, bless Israel, for they are Your people, truly.

Thank You for coming to kneel before us with the gifts of Your hands. We are so greatly blessed, beyond belief, by the gifts from Your hand... life, and provision; grace, forgiveness, love, and so much more than we can even fathom! You are worthy to be PRAISED, always and forever, and we do so now, in Jesus' mighty name, the name above all names!

Bless Israel as they walk into the next steps of Your will, individually and corporately. Continue to be their guide, and make Your glorious presence known more and more as time passes away into eternity. Bless Your spiritual Israel, the Church, and bring us into a loving unity, as according to Your word, for You are LOVE INCARNATE!

Thank and praise You now and always! You have spoken the word over Your people that it is time to move... help us have the COURAGE and the WILL POWER to follow this call upon our lives, that we may continue to walk in Your will and way for our lives. For the glory of Jesus Christ,

Amen and amen

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