Monday, June 3, 2013

Beyond Belief?

Is ANYTHING impossible with God?


I don't mean nothing I can THINK of or believe Him for.


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Impossible is NOTHING. It is the place that true followers of Christ are called to walk... the mountains will tremble, move, and fall before us by the power of the Holy Spirit if we just HOLD ON... keep running the race of faith!

ALL THINGS are possible to those who believe. EVERY single thing you can think of, dare to dream, and BEYOND, is possible. We are called to CALL the possible into creation. We are meant to live a life of impossibility, allowing the Spirit to SHOW it really IS possible!

What excuses do you make for your life?

I know I've been known to complain and excuse-make in the past because I didn't really BELIEVE that all things were possible, in my heart. My HEAD knew, but it hadn't traveled to my heart yet.  I'm still working on it, and I'm still a work in progress, on the wheel of the Almighty Potter.

But isn't saying all of that instead of just DOING... just BELIEVING without excuse one more excuse? Isn't saying," hey, I'm imperfect" obvious enough and yet also a way to wheedle out of the command to ask, seek, and knock; to pray without ceasing; to live a life of worship, praise, and love; to love God with our whole being, love ourselves enough not to harm ourselves or allow others to, and love others as ourselves; to set our cap toward Christ Jesus; to BELIEVE that ALL THINGS are possible to those who believe?

What say ye?

The movie Facing the Giants pertains to more than football... it pertains to miracles and faith. They are inextricably linked: miracles and faith. Living FULL FORCE for God in an atmosphere of worship, with our hearts FULLY YIELDED to His plans and designs for our lives. Living to fulfill GOD'S DREAMS for our lives ends up fulfilling OUR OWN.

There's a scene in the movie where  the Eagles (a type symbolizing the PROPHETS) have just won the game of their high school career through the working of miracles; they have beaten the Giants (symbolizing not only the GOLIATHS we face, but the MOUNTAINS we are to move by faith). The coach really drills it into the players that NOTHING is impossible. God used the elements, he used people giving it EVERYTHING THEY had, and He accepted and honored their faith. He points out they weren't SUPPOSED TO, by the world's standards, even be where they are... they weren't SUPPOSED to even be in that game, and here they were... champions. They would have been champions either way, but like the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lions' den, God delivered them in a bigger way than expected. They had won because GOD saw them as winners. They had the right ATTITUDE, allowed GOD to have ALL the glory, no matter the outcome, and put ALL their efforts in. This is a good word picture of the saying, "Believe as though it all depends on God, and do your part as though it all depends on you." The thing is, though... it is NEVER all dependent on you. Without HIM, you wouldn't even be here, nor would you have been so blessed.

We're told to seek first the Kingdom of God, and I believe wholeheartedly that means WALKING in the Spirit, living in the Kingdom while here on earth, pulling HEAVEN into our everyday lives and allowing God to supernaturally transform us, and our world, from the inside out, each and every day of our lives.

Is that impossible?

NOTHING is impossible to those who believe. And part of walking and living in a state of constant belief is communing with God on a daily basis so that we have a CONTINUAL FRESH WORD from the Father through Jesus Christ by the Spirit of the Lord. Without the fresh WIND of the Spirit, there is no fresh REVELATION, no fresh WORD from God, which we need in order to thrive in this world as the ambassadors and children of the King we truly are!

So I ask you... WHAT is impossible?
Aren't ALL things possible to those who believe?