Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Fave Fifteens... The Happy Intercessor Book Review

Wow, so I've been noticing that my post about Wrap Dresses in the Fave Fifteens department of the blog has done extremely well, and so I will probably do more pictured fave Fifteens in the future. Today, however, I'll be looking at some pretty awesome QUOTES from Beni Johnson's wonderful book, The Happy Intercessor, and at the same time, review it a little... So this is really a book review with quotes. lol

I picked up a copy at the library because of my interest in and gift of intercession. I had never seen another book discuss the JOY FACTOR related to intercession, and so The Happy Intercessor was certainly a great find! It looks at varying types of prayer, and at how worship and joy are two different tools of warfare that confound and confuse the enemy.

I found myself having a very difficult time deciding which quotes to use for this post, because of how much great insight there is! Beni is a delightful and relatable author I hope to read more from in the future!

(For those who are unaware of who Beni is, she and her husband, Bill Johnson, are co-pastors at Bethel Church, Redding.)

So, on with the quotes... In no particular order, 15 of the best quotes of the book are as follows:

*Intercessors should be the happiest people on the planet because they know the plans of God. God is in a good mood, and He wants to give good gifts to His children. As intercessors, our job is to look ahead to the good gifts that God wants to give to us and to agree with those plans.

*We believe, as a people of God's power, that we are to bring Heaven to earth. Joy is a very big part of Heaven. Heaven is filled with joy. It is our responsibility to bring that here on earth.

*We, through our intercession and repentance, bring harmony back into the atmosphere. Jesus took ownership over the sins that other people had committed, even though he was sin-free. When we take ownership over the sins that have taken place in a region and repent on behalf of those people, as if we were the very people who had committed those sins, we take ownership over the land.

*God is looking for intercessors who are passionate for Him and for His Kingdom to come. Whether by one or two is no matter to Him; it took one man who walked this planet over two thousand years ago to change the world forever. One man! Jesus.

*If we dive into the Spirit of God, we can know what is in the heart of God.

*It takes great courage to stay the course....It will take great courage on our parts to stay the course when all around us things are falling apart.

*A lot of intercessors spend all their time worrying about what the enemy will do next, but their job is to focus on God and to partner with His plans. As an intercessor, your job is to find out what God wants to do, which is the opposite of what the enemy is saying. Then you pray what God wants. You don't allow the enemy to bring distraction. You have to make a choice not to partner with fear.

*Fear has a way of coming up and biting you. Everything seems to be going great in your life and you are walking in peace. All of a sudden, there fer is, trying to envelope you, trying to destroy your peace. We as believers have to make a choice to resist fear....The devil has legal rights only if we agree with him. The tool he uses to get us is fear.

*As intercessors, if we want to stay in a place of rest, we have to learn how to pray and do our pat and to then give our burdens back to the Lord.

*When you experience God's presence round you, even in a demonic setting, you can find it easy to pray....When you carry the joy of the Lord with you, all kinds of things happen. Joy brings excitement to the air, and it releases life. Really, it releases all of Heaven. I find myself, in the ark places, getting so excited over what God wants to release over a place or over a situation. We are releasers. We're meant to overcome the darkness with light

*When we adore God, we are kissing Him.... Warfare worship is coming in on God's terms, not the devil's. We are focused on God, which ushers His power and presence into our intercessions.

*I believe that we are to be a people that have Jesus' joy full in us. We are to be like that in every are of our life and ministry. One of the missing elements I see in many of those who are interceding is that they need their lives filled up with heavenly joy. I would love to go to Heaven for a visit and see just how joyful Heaven is. Their intercession in Heaven is not one of labor and work. There is none of that in Heaven. I think the intercession of Heaven is from a place of joy, a place of knowing.

*When you work and co-labor with God, the job gets done.... We are a people who have the incredible opportunity to change our environment. We have living within us the Holy Spirit. Not only is the Holy Spirit power, but He is  lot of power. He is living in us so that we can be releasers of that power. He has put us here so that this world can have a power encounter with a heavenly Father.

*It is always easy to find dirt. But God wants us to look past the dirt and to look for the treasure....In finding the gold in someone, you have to dig deeper. It's never hard to find dirt, but we must go deeper to find the gold; that's seeing a person the way God sees him or her. When we see bad stuff around us, all we need to do is go deeper in God and find the gold. Find the things that God is saying. Then we can come into agreement with the gold.

*As an intercessor, you know the importance of finding the strategies of Heaven for anything that you are praying for, of making sure that the heartbeat of Heaven is in your praying.

Wow! Some very powerful and thought-provoking quotes from such an astute lady! I highly recommend that, for those wanting to delve deeper into the topic of intercession, they check out The Happy Intercessor! it is a life-changing, paradigm-altering, wonderful book! :)

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