Friday, December 9, 2011

Thankfulness Report

Surgery went better than I had hoped for, in many ways. Everything that needed taking care of, was, and I am thankful that my doctor was able to get it all done with less scar-tissue area on the outside than it could have been, by far. I am thankful he went with his gut on what to do, and that God guided him to make the best possible decision while performing surgery so that the best possible results were granted, as was prayed for.

I am thankful for the anesthesiologist, who was funny, from what I recall, though I barely spoke with him before I was out for the count. I'm also thankful he didn't tell me what was in the cocktail he gave me for the pain and for sleep, considering I could hear others being told exact medicines and formulations through curtains before I was out.

I am thankful for the nursing staff; especially Ingrid, Dora, Lydia, and Kathy, who were especially helpful during my brief stay.

I am thankful my Mom was able to be there, and that Tiger was there, too. He took care of himself first, which is important, by getting enough sleep to be able to help me out when I really needed him, and was a real prince about it all. I appreciate all he has done, above and beyond the call of duty both in and out of the hospital.

I am very thankful for all who were praying... more than you can ever know. I am thankful that you joined your faith with my own, and that of my family, and that God answered with a yes these prayers. It took a long time to get this particular yes through from heaven to earth, and I am more and more thankful for it as I think of all God has done. He is so good and amazing, and I cannot praise Him enough!!!