Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmastime is Near...

As Thanksgiving has passed, surgery has gone well, and with Tiger's birthday, Christmas, and Dad's birthday to still look forward to. By then, I should be feeling much more myself, and the Christmas music and movies have certainly helped, as well as the decor I put up before last Wednesday morning's meeting with medicine and laser, etc.

Once I can reach my camera, I'll take and put up a picture of the lovely card and flowers Tiger brought me when I was in the hospital. They're too sweet!

Now... if only there were a little snow, but not so much people can't get around safely, that would be the finishing touch. lol And yes, we still need to get a tree... that'll be Tiger's job. I look forward to seeing what he finds for us... and to helping decorate it in what ways I can without bending too much.

I also wonder... what kind of Christmas will it be this year? How will we celebrate the birth of the Savior in a new and fun way that is reverent as well as loving? A new tradition is in the works... I just don't know what it will be, yet. ;)

From We Heart It