Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmassy Welcome

Welcome to my new blog, The Color of Faith. I'm Harmony.

I'm creating this just prior to having surgery, and not long after a number of hardships in the lives of loved ones as well as myself have really altered my perceptions. Perhaps this is an extension, in some ways, of having recently finished the Believing God series Beth Moore has out on video with my ministry counterparts, Michele and Debra, as we prepare to go into women's ministry. Perhaps not. But indeed, it is a journey of faith as colorful as any other.

As it is nearing Christmas, I decided to start off with a bit of cheer and photography related to the season. 

 Homespun stockings I created for Tiger and I. His is on the right, and mine on the left.

Our Christmas table display. Simple items coordinated together create beauty and remind us of all God has done.