Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nerves and Prayer

Beginning to get a bit nervous about surgery tomorrow, so have been praying a lot. Today, I finished paperwork for tomorrow, did an online orientation, had an orientation at the Red Cross, shopped for a seven year old, chatted a bit with a friend of mine who is preparing for a presentation tomorrow, heard from my Uncle Bill in Mississippi, got to catch up on a family member's blog who is teaching in Alaska. I wish I had had time to begin creating the muff I bought material for the other day, but I guess it will have to wait until I can move about a bit next week.

I'm greatly looking forward to Tiger's birthday, Christmas, and Dad's 60th birthday. Hoping that all will be well with these and well-celebrated. I felt bad I didn't get to see my sister on her birthday or Grama and Chuck on their anniversary, both just after Thanksgiving, but was thankful to spend that particular holiday with some family.

For those in cyberspace who read this who are prayer warriors for Christ, I wouldn't mind some prayer joining my own; some faith added to my own as I go under the knife, recover, then get back to everyday life.

It's 33 degrees right now, and tomorrow's high will be about 42. The fog is crystallizing in the air, making it feel like ice. I am thankful for warm blankets and tea, as well as having a roof over my head. As much as I would like it to snow, I certainly don't mind waiting until after Christmas for it. :)