Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Men, Kings of Talent

 The following poem is in honor of Axl Rose, who, on February 6th, will be celebrating his 50th birthday. :)

Three men,
Kings of talent.
same angel.
Music cries out from their souls to the world.
Words explode into history
And drastically change it.

Prophetic, poetic gifts...
Three men,
Kings of talent.
The very same angel
Hovered over, watched, guarded and assisted.

Three men
Kings of talent.
same angel.
Same demons.
Same Jesus Who wills them set free.

Three men,
Kings of talent.
Musical geniuses,
Prophetically, poetically gifted.

Terrorized by the same demons
Calling for the same Jesus
Called by this Jesus
To spread fire and light
In musical form -
Fire and light bright like the sun
Through the revelation of their words.

Three men,
Kings of talent,
Elvis, Michael, Axl...
Each with their own voice
Sharing what the Great Voice
Shared in their dreams and visions.

Three men,
One angel,
One talent,
One Jesus,
One gift to share...
Elvis, Michael, Axl.

One left...

How will you make the world a better place?
Nothing is impossible to those who believe.
You can move mountains,
When you step into the river,
Getting out of the boat.

Fly like the eagle,
walk across water,
Sing what he's given you,
Be daring and authentic-
You know where you're holding back,
Afraid of what the world may think,
But rest assured, if it's from Him,
It doesn't matter anyway anyone's opine.

Three men,
One angel,
Kings of talent,
One left.

How will you decide to change the world?