Thursday, September 5, 2013

Research and More Research

So, it's been quite a month, give or take, as I've been working on a few different books, researching and writing; editing and attending the Oregon Christian Writer's Conference. And to top it off, I've also spent hours poring over genealogical research, reading, and on Pinterest, as well, gathering ideas and inspiration along the way.


Feel free to check out my Pinterest to see what I've found. :)


I've read, oh, maybe thirty books in the time frame of a month, finished a novel, Edward's Heart, and edited it the first three times. I've begun two more writing projects, one of which is book two in the same series with E. H. and the other, unrelated, set in the garden of Eden.

I've been reading books by Susan May Warren, Leslie Gould, Tosca Lee, Francine Rivers, and a few others lately, and have done so as much for the enjoyment of the story as to study craft.


I've learned a lot about my family's history that even I hadn't found before recent days.

So, some of the more interesting things I've found include:

Annis Boudinot Stockton was one of the first published women poets in the colonies.

Two were signers of the Declaration of Independence.

One ancestor bought the land where Princeton now sits from William Penn, and used to own much of what is now that whole Princeton area. Another was the second Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge. A large part of Maryland was once owned by an ancestor, as well.

General Braddock marched right past one ancestor's house when on his way to Fort Duquesne when she was a child.

I knew there were war heroes in the midst of my ancestors, but hadn't recalled just when. At least three were in the Revolutionary War. Another was a Colonel and the Treasurer of the Province of Maryland. This same man was the (some say grand) father in law of Charles Carroll. One was a Land Captain (Captain of Militia) in the Imperial, Swedish and Bavarian Armies. Yet another was a Commissioned Lieutenant of Horse and all in that side of the family are descendants of Sir John Stockton, Esq., Lord Mayor of London from 1470-1471, who was knighted as one of 12 to pull down the assault on London by Thomas Neville, the "Bastard of Fauconberg".

One ancestor was an agent for Lord Baltimore and was closely related to him.

For several generations, and through three different lines, my family was related to that of Paris Hilton. We're the 8th generation removed from relation now.  (Just found this out today, actually. 8th through 15th generations.)

Interestingly, until today, I also thought I was related to Andy Griffith. I am, but only barely.

There are people in my ancestry from at least five different branches of the Church at large, both Catholic and Protestant. (This I already knew, but got more detail...) Many more than I thought were farmers, and a few were wool-combers; there were a number of politicians, several writers and some poets, including the one I've mentioned.

So many other things, but these were some of the more interesting highlights. Can't wait to read more on all of this and see who or what I can incorporate into novels. ;)