Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Life... Transformation

A lot of people talk of having a new life...

A new life when this job comes through.
A new life when he recognizes me for who I am.
A new life when my family gets through this.
A new life when we get a house.
A new life when the baby gets here, or we get married, or... the list goes on.

UPDATE 7/16/13-- I'm working toward a BIG change, that will benefit us all. :) COME OVER and check out my FUNDRAISER! Journey to a Thousand Voices...

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What about new life as it is? TRUE life. Life that comes from the Spirit of God when we acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior?

Of all new life, that is the most transformative...

It takes us from the caterpillar of humanity, aside from the Spirit of God, and  cocoons us in God's love until we are saved, constantly being transformed into the likeness of the One Who Created us... Like a butterfly, we gain wings and can take flight. We are no longer relegated to solid matter, but are able to become air-borne in the strength of the Savior Who transformed for our sakes at the cross... out of love for us.

Color is added to who we are because of Whose we are, and we can take wing in confidence that He will catch us when we fall because of that great Love He has for us as His people.