Saturday, March 31, 2012

1000 Thanks

Continuing the THANKFULNESS once more, as always...

{64} Continued place to live through trials has been a wonderful blessing...
{65} Daylight owl the other day was a nice surprise. :)
{66-69} Several blessings related to the transportation service for which I've been volunteering.
{70} Priscilla's St. Patrick's Day celebration... where we as the ladies of the church celebrated HER. It was a great time of fellowship and care.
{71-75} Several awesome testimonies that have just blown me away.
{76} Growth Group love... :)
{77} Women's ministry team
{78-83} My DREAM TEAM... most definitely, has been a major blessing more than ever lately!! Thank you so much... you KNOW who you are. :)
{84} The joy of being in much prayer for others lately...
{85-92} Answers to prayer in recent days!!! God is always so very good!!
{93) Beautiful view of Mt. Hood the other day that was just awesome.
{94-96} Ability to bless some loved ones!
{97} Time in the WORD... always a blessing!!!